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Few things are certain in this life Рbut one is most certainly that EVERYBODY is an expert in Sports Betting. And for some reason, the world of sports media churns out personality after personality that is the current, or next, or former G.O.A.T. of sports betting, can never pick a bad game or play and that must be driving their Bentley to the garage to pick up their OTHER Bentley to drive them to pick up all their winnings.

That’s EXACTLY what Under Review is. I am a Bajillionaire sports betting savant here to make you all millions of dollars with perfect pick after perfect pick. You’re welcome.

What you will actually get.

Oh, it seems you decided to keep reading, here’s what you’ll actually get from Under Review: Comprehensive, accurate, entertaining analysis¬†and inside information. I am Damon D, and I am here to make this fun.

Under Review: The Podcast

Weekly experts…ACTUAL…experts that share insights, tips and strategies, Released every Thursday on Spotify, Itunes and here as UnderReviewPodcast.com. I provide offers, free stuff and most importantly, real data, news and info that matters to the sports bettor.

Under Review: LIVE

The next generation of LIVE sports betting. Real-time, in-game live betting to accompany your game watching. A true connection to the live betting world. Join Damon D for a live stream of each Monday Night Football game, and select sporting events throughout the year.