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Dave and Damon continue their divisional betting odds breakdowns with th e AFC South.

AFC South Winning Odds:

Indianapolis Colts -125
Houston Texans +300
Jacksonville Jaguars +500
Tennessee Titans +650 ​

AFC South Wins Odds:

Jacksonville Jaguars
Over 7½ Wins -125
Under 7½ Wins +105

Tennessee Titans
Over 7½ Wins -120
Under 7½ Wins +100

Houston Texans
Over 8 Wins -110
Under 8 Wins -110

Indianapolis Colts
Under 10 Wins -125
Over 10 Wins +105

Dave and Damon take on the AFC West, a tad more competitive than the East division, with two 12 game winning teams from last year vyying for the top spot.