A triple tease-burger the relied on the JETS?? What on earth could we be thinking!?

We take another hack at a tease-burger, and Sean gets giddy over the chances of his Astros!

A Triple tease-burger for the ages – find out what three teams the fella’s teased and parlayed together to create one of their greatest bets of the year, and what they have in store for NFL Week 8.

Also, Sean has his LOCK for the Wolrd Series, straight from the mouth of an uber-biased delirious Astros fan!

D and E try to decipher the Patriots unbelievable ability to cover massive point spreads, check-in on the Buffalo Bills historic 16.5 points spread vs the Dolphins, and lament the track record of the teaseburger.

We are joined by the GREAT Danny Picard of the aptly named Danny Picard Show on Podcast One. He bets, he rants, he swears – all with a North East bias. A giant, blatant north est bias, and we love it.

The Teaseburger Armageddon continues to plague D and the boys. Will it ever end? Will D actually place a wager that nobody makes fun of ever in his life? No! No he won’t! Probably ever! But listen in anyway!

We are in the middle of Teaseburger zombie apocalypse. D is going broke, Eric is getting angrier at Tom Brady by the minute and if the Houston Texans was a cologne, Sean would bathe in it. All this week on The Aftermath, an Under Review Show show.