Well well well. It wasn’t the Texans that totally screwed up the Teaseburger this week….it was the Seahawks. Listen in as D Rue’s the day that he dared choose the Seahawks at home against a new starting QB.


The first-ever tandem triple teaseburger went down in flames thanks to the terribly untimely coaching of one Bill O’Brian.

So, whats happening this week? Will Sean recover from his untimely sewering of the greatest sportsbetting contest of all time? Will Eric be able to look past his resentment and sheer disgust at losing the teaseburger in order to continue to guest host the show? Does anybody really care?

Find out this week on The Under Review Show

@DaveMasonBOL is back in business, we break down Antonio Brown Prop Bets, the Patriots staggeringly huge road chalk and we reflect on The Aftermath teams Triple Teaseburger for Week 2. Lets Go!

New guest hosts Sean F and Eric R join D as they break down Antonio Browns season performance prop bets, and they all commit to their combo Triple Teaseburger wager for Week 2 in the NFL.

You can WIN a $25 fee play just for listening to the probably terrible advice of D, Eric and Sean.

Just have a listen!

D is back to chat NFC South Odds, EXACT Super Bowl Matchup futures, big fat greasy bonuses and more!