So, how’d we do for Fury – Wilder? Did any of us trust our guts? Or did we believe the hype?

There’s only one way to find out.

The guys go over their wins (and losses) from All-Star weekend, and they check out props for who will, and won’t make the playoffs in the NBA.

Boxing Manager of the Year Nominee and fight aficionado Peter Kahn hangs out to chat a little Fury – Wilder 2 with us.

As we meander through the NFL off-season, the boys take aim at their second favorite betting passion – the NBA.

Get their HAWT as fire takes on NBA futures, and the All-Star Skills, 3-point and Dunk competitions.

How did we do? Did our cleavage bets land? Did the game live up to the betting hype?

Listen and find out!