Damon D and Dave M chat the latest Durant and Kawhi Odds, Hot Dog Eating contest props and Democratic Presidential Nominee info.

We got Dave Mason (@DavMasonBOL) hanging out to tell us how the NBA Finals treated them, and us.

We also talk the AD Trade an how it has affected the NBA Championship Futures odds and wagers, and wrap it up with a  little State of the Union in the world of Heavyweight Boxing.

The Raps are Champs!

The Blues are Champs!

Andy Ruiz Jr is a Champ….?

We cover the shocking NBA Championship Results, look at player and team futures, boxing odds and set us up for the upcoming week!

Justin Beiber wants to Fight Tom Cruise!!???

Toronto LOST game 5!!?

KD came back then his leg exploded?

The Bruins forced a Game 7!!!

WTF happened this weekend? Let’s get into it!