We get Michelle Lesco on the horn to chat about her Balogna experience, and going up against Joey Chestnut in the first elimination round!

Miko Sudo & Nick Wehry join us to talk about their participation in the #BetonlineEats Quarantine Challenge.

Eric “Badlands” Booker joins us from his isolation in New York to chat about the #BetonlineEats Quarantine Challenge here: https://promotions.betonline.ag/quarantine-challenge

First Round, BOLOGNA!

Marbles! Esports and Betting on Madden streams. We are finding more and more things for us to wager on!

British Open News! NBA2K! Madden Simulations! Ping Pong!

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Captains log Week 3, Day 16. Beer is getting low, need to muster the strength to order more. New Boosted odds on the board, will be betting them.

Good Day all, more crazy stuff to Bet on at Betonline.ag, AND, listen in for todays Boosted Odds!

Welcome to Day 14 of the SPortpocolypse. And yes, we STILL have more things to be on!

Marble Racing, Simulated NBA, NHL, FIFA! We have odds on it all!

Check out UP-To-THE minute odds here: https://www.betonline.ag/news-room/sports/coronavirus-sports-live-updates/