Odds on where Le’Veon Bell Will Play in 2019

September 25, 2018

Based on NFL headlines that have been peppering media outlets for the last few weeks, one has to wonder if the Pittsburgh Steelers are employing a bevy of former The Young and the Restless writers rather than an analytics department.

When Ben Roethlisbrger isn’t threatening to retire he’s whining about the front office drafting a quarterback. When Antonio Brown isn’t Twitter beefing with ex-Steelers’ employees, he’s a no-show at the practice facility the day after a loss.

And then there’s disgruntled running back Le’Veon Bell, who continues to incinerate game checks by chilling at home after failing to get the bloated contract he desperately wants (and probably deserves). Whether he sits five games, ten games, or the entire 2018 season, it’s painfully clear that Bell won’t be donning the black and gold this time next year.

The Patriots and Eagles have wisely devalued running backs, while archaic franchises living in the 1950s like the Giants draft Saquon Barkley at number two overall when Sam Darnold is still on the board. As such, one of these backwards run teams will presumably defy logic and dump a forklift of cash in Bell’s lap next March. Let’s take a look at the leading candidates.

Steelers +150

Do you like to waste money? Okay, then bet the Steelers.

49ers +400

Bell is an obvious fit in Kyle Shanahan’s complex scheme, but the Niners just overpaid Jimmy G, so overpaying a 26-year-old runner with over 1600 touches in five seasons would be a financial misstep. Of course if they did, tons of pundits would stupidly hail them as geniuses

Jets +500

Finally, a team that makes both football and financial sense. Sam Darnold on a rookie deal, promising young receiving corps, an ascending defense, and over $100 million in cap space in 2019. Sharp money should be all over the Jets.

Packers +850

Trade rumors have been swirling around a potential swap with the Pack. The old guard wouldn’t dare deal for Bell, but the new regime might feel compelled in order to maximize Aaron Rodgers’ remaining years. Although, spending money on a capable defense is a much better use of resources.

Colts +900

Cap space isn’t an issue, but new head coach Frank Reich learned in Philly that a three-back rotation can win a Super Bowl. No thanks.

Browns +900

The most Browns thing ever would be dumping Josh Gordon to make room for another malcontent with a spotty off the field record. At least Bell has actually played in the last five years.

Seahawks +1000

ROFL! They just reached for Rashaad Penny in the first round. The final nail in the coffin of the John Schneider/Pete Carroll era would be signing Bell to a massive contract.

Raiders +1600

Jon Gruden would like nothing more than to trot out four tight ends and ram his RB into the line of scrimmage 40 times a game. There’s a leather helmet with Bell’s name on it waiting in Oakland, er, Las Vegas, um… wherever the hell the Raiders are playing in 2019.

Patriots +2000


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