Josh Gordon Patriots Props

October 4, 2018

Despite having played in a grand total of 6 NFL games since 2015, wide receiver Josh Gordon is still a thing. Like a bad penny or a stage 5 clinger, he simply won’t go away. That’s because the twenty-car pileup that is the Cleveland Browns franchise finally did something smart and traded the troubled wideout away, brushing their hands clean after years of coddling and a myriad of second, third, and fourth chances.

Gordon could’ve been jettisoned to the dreary doldrums of Buffalo or the desolate desert of Arizona and nobody would’ve cared. Instead, he ended up in New England, which came as no surprise to anyone who pays a modicum of attention to pro pigskin. A collective “of course he’s a Patriot” could be heard earlier this week, followed quickly by an endless stream of speculation and predictions regarding Gordon’s present and future in the land of clam chowder.

Well, as long as Gordon is once again making headlines, it only seems fitting to wager on some fun props in his name.

Active Roster for Pats Week 17?

Yes +100
No -140

Believe or not, the Patriots aren’t some cure-all elixir for bad boys. Corey Dillon and Randy Moss were established All-Pro level players when they took their services to New England. Comparing them to Gordon is insulting and absurd. Gordon is merely another flopped wide receiver the Pats are attempting to resurrect, joining the likes of Michael Floyd, Kenny Britt, and Corey Coleman. If he makes it through the season without incident, good for him. Just don’t bet on it.

Suspended During 2018 Season?

Yes +350
No -600

Suspended? No. Outright cut? Yes. Gordon is down to his last strike. Belichick is willing to take a risk on a talented field stretcher in order to prevent elite defenses like the Jaguars from eliminating Gronk, and in turn stifling the entire Patriots offense. However, if Gordon shows up late to one practice he’s probably gone. He can’t hide behind the dysfunctional wall that surrounds the Browns anymore. If he slips up, some intrepid reporter will be there to catch it. Good luck, Josh.

Total Games Played in 2018?

Over 9.5 +120
Under 9.5 -160

He’s played in 11 games in five years. It’s obvious he doesn’t really care about football. One of his preferred teams to be traded to was the Cowboys. A Cowboys team that serves up pot and PEDs like cheese and crackers. The strict code of conduct Belichick enforces will get annoying after five or six games. Smart money is on the under.

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