Last weeks Triple-Tease burger landed for us, a delicious mix of The Patriots, Bears & Jags.

Tune in for this week’s greasy triple as Dave & I go over ATS top and bottom feeders, True SU trends and we find out if home dogs are DEAD!

We’ll talk about how the book got Crushed in Week 7 and pretend to feel bad for Dave, chat about ATS winners and Losers, and I am not willing to give up on my Home Dogs yet! They’re still hagning in there at 19 – 15 – 0 (55.88%)!

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Odds on what Eli will be doing come next season, who are the REAL ATS superstar teams in the NFL and Home dogs, those sweet, innocent home dogs have been cleaning up this season, let’s dig into the 4 on the board in week 7.

What are the odds that Mason Crosby misses yet ANOTHER kick in his next game?

Will Jason Witten make it to a SECOND season on Monday Night Football?

Dave Mason from hangs out, chats the fate of Witten, the NFC East’s unpredictability, Bears, Rams and Patriots Chiefs. All this week on Under Review!




UFC 229, can home dogs ever cover again?

This and more this week on the greatest sports betting podcast of all time ever, Under Review with me, Damon D!

Dave’s BACK!

So where’s the money going this week?

Are Home dogs at 9 – 4 – 0 ATS the real deal?

Buffalo covers as 17 point underdogs to win SU by 21 – is this the biggest spread shift ever?

Week 3!

Browns are Favorites!!! What world do we live in?

Minny is also 17 point faves. 17. Points. In the National Football League.

Finally, Adam Burns, Sportsbook Manager from rolls through to jam about Prop betting, weird bets and the strange things afoot in the NFL.

Cleveland covering!!?? TB covering 9.5+! Jets covering +6.5 and some.
And Pittsburgh, Le’veon, Tomlin – slow start or the beginning of the end? Remember their last game last season was a certified shellacking at the hands of the Jaguars.
Dave Mason lets us in on where the money is going, and where we need to put ours.

We cover EVERY single Division winning odds and break down Philly vs Atalanta for the seaosn openr.

Dave Mason – handicapper and analyst –  joins us to give us the inside skinny.

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Pittsburgh -175
Baltimore +330
Cincinatti +1000
Cleveland +1000

Like the AFC East, the North has a pair of certified dumpster fires to walk all over in their division.

Cleveland and Cincinnati get to drunkenly stumble their way through 16 games, and we’ll get to see the fun and hijinx of Josh Gordon’s bong-ventures and Marv Lewis’ sad clown routine.

The real interesting part of the AFC North will be what is going to happen in Baltimore, and if Ben can crumble into dust.

I got the skinny, listen in!