Will ANY sports come back? We have updates on that, and hot dogs. Delicious, copious amounts of hot dogs.

We don’t know if we’ll get any sports at this rate, but there’s still Korean Baseball!!

I Rant! I Rave! I figure who’s coming out of the AFC East!

We got Baseball!!! Hall of Fame Game odds, EPL Updates and more on this fantastic Wednesday!

D welcomes in Sean Pfeiffer to talk about the upcoming BetOnline NBA2k $5,000 Tournament. ImJustIsaac and Ty Debo also join us live to break down their first-round matchups, talk about how they got started pursuing playing 2k full-time and everything in-between.

NFL Draft Futures, UFC Futures, Odds Boosters, Simulated games! Let’s Goooooo!

It is Starting!! Sports are on their way back!

And there is STILL a TON of stuff to bet on, including who is jumping in the MNF booth this season, who will be the highest-scoring NFL team, NBA Playoff odds and more!


We have NASCAR, We have UFC, Now, HOCKEY! EPL! NBA (Maybe).

Lets get our update on!